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Updated world stock indexes. Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data. Computer Science. Applied Science & Technology Source - Combines the content of Applied Science & Technology Full Text and Computer & Applied Sciences Complete to provide full-text coverage for more than 1, journals in applied sciences and computing video-accident.comts include: Acoustics, Aeronautics, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Resources and Research, Engineering and Biomedical.

Technology meets good taste November 13, Technology met good taste in Singapore this week as airline executives and suppliers from across the region came together for the inaugural Onboard Hospitality Forum – Asia, hosted within the Future Travel Experience Asia EXPO.

The structure and content of your course will vary depending on both your university and the specializations you choose. You’re likely to start with a selection of course modules introducing you to different aspects of the industry and providing an overview of different hospitality careers.

DURATION The National Certificate (Vocational) qualification is a full year program at each of the NQF Levels of study. A student is issued with a certificate on the.

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