Research on paper towels strength

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Paper Towel Facts and FAQs

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Paper towels

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In a recent study, The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested paper towels and named Bounty the winner of the strength test. Hypothesis This website provided information on how paper towels. How We Tested Paper Towels Whether you're de-streaking grimy windows or sopping up spills, you want a paper towel that's absorbent and strong — and that won't leave a trail of lint behind.

Bounty claims their paper towels are the strongest, so I thought it was time to put it to test. The way I wanted to test the strength was by adding pennies in the center of the paper towel until the paper towel. Paper towels are pretty humdrum products -- except when you need one in a hurry.

If you`re cleaning up a spill, you`ll want one with good absorbency. Extension Activities 1. You can try these experiments again with other types of paper to see how they compare to paper towels in strength and absorbency.

Testing the Strength of Paper Towels. If you find yourself short on time, testing which paper towel brand is the strongest, makes for a simple yet fun paper towel science project.

Research on paper towels strength
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