Infant massage research papers

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The effect of massage on heart rate variability in preterm infants

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Preterm Infant Massage Therapy Research: A Review

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In conclusion, parents are encouraged to include other siblings in the massage class, as well as, grandparents and other caregivers, so they too can soothe the baby. The effect of massage on heart rate variability in preterm infants.

SL. Keywords: massage therapy, heart rate variability, premature infant. Introduction. This remains problematic despite the research that has been conducted in this area.

2,3,15,33 We used the frequency regions of Chatow et al. Infant Massage provides many benefits for the infant and for the parents themselves. Infant Massage was introduced into the United States in by Vimala Schneider McClure.

The original founder was a French physician named, Frederic Leboyer, who popularized it through a photojournalistic book during the natural childbirth movement. New research by a team at the University of Warwick says that massage may help infants aged under six months sleep better, cry less and be less stressed.

The team of researchers from Warwick. This study was conducted to examine the effect of baby massage on attachment between mothers and their newborns. The Effects of Baby Massage on Attachment between Mother and their Infants - Asian Nursing Research.

• In this paper, preterm infant massage therapy studies are reviewed. Massage therapy has led to weight gain in preterm infants when moderate pressure massage was provided. In studies on passive movement of the limbs, preterm infants also gained significantly more weight, and their bone density also increased.

Infant massage research papers
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