Ethnomusicology research paper

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These teachers are not actually ethnomusicologists, but are nonetheless advancing some of the implications of the field. Cultural Anthropology is a branch of Anthropology that studies cultures. A culture defines the ideas, values, behavior, and other similar patterns of life style shared by a specific group of people.

In Anthropology the study of music in a specific cultural setting is called ethnomusicology/5(4). Study in the Musicology & Ethnomusicology Division of the University of Maryland School of Music leads to the following degrees: Students may submit research papers to the AMS Capital Chapter for the yearly Irving Lowens Award for Student Research and to MACSEM for the Hewitt Pantaleoni Prize.

Saving Jazz: Applied Ethnomusicology and America's Classical Music, Christopher Long. PDF. Southern Black Gospel Music: Qualitative Look at Quartet Sound during the Gospel `Boom' Period ofBeatrice Pate.

PDF. Never Give a Sword to a Man Who Can't Dance, Colin Slade. PDF. Ethnomusicology is an international, peer-reviewed journal published three times a year by the University of Illinois Press on behalf of the Society for Ethnomusicology.

It features scholarly articles representing theoretical perspectives and research in ethnomusicology and related fields, as well as book, sound recording, film, video, and multimedia reviews.

Musicology & Ethnomusicology Division

Read this story on the University of Oslo's website. Ethnomusicology Essay Topics Academics. Write an essay in which you explore the origins of ethnomusicology as a field of study.

Research topics

In your essay, be sure to identify and discuss some of the key individuals who developed ethnomusicology into a viable academic discipline.

Ethnomusicology research paper
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